Clinton Tyler Patterson

Why are clowns creepy?

3 min read

This is a Judeo-Christian view. Clowns are creepy because they mockingly point out the work of Satan that we did in our lives. Clowns have a long history of making fun. They used to serve to make fun of the aristocracy for poor decisions because outright criticism was not allowed. We lately had an outburst of clowns, and we don't appear to know the reason. People were scared. People wanted to hunt the clowns down.

I had a realization on the ride home that I would choose Satan over a motorcycle. This is because Satan is predictable. Satan is a trickster. The primary role is to trick you into actions that are not in your best interest. The way Satan works is to get you to pay attention to the wrong thing, then you get tricked into that action. The clown points out to us where we were tricked, and we are creeped out by a cosmic trick played on us and the regrettable actions which follow.

The following is the unity of the evolutionary biology and Judeo-Christian perspectives. Satan was originally represented as a serpent. Humans are inherently scared of snakes more than biologically warranted. We sometimes demonize snakes, and growing up in the South, if you saw a snake, you killed it. The snake is a reptile. It has only a reptilian brain. Reptiles used to rule the Earth. Then God saw that the creation was not in his likeness and displaced them as the rulers through an asteroid. The punctuation in the equilibrium of evolution rates that followed led to the development of the mammalian brain. It exists on top of our reptilian brain. This time evolution led us to be the dominant species on the planet. We are told in our tradition that we are made in God's likeness. When we listen to the snake and are tricked, we do not act in the way God wants us to act. This is what caused the agricultural revolution and the exploitation of animals. And the clown mocks us. 

It is time that we live our calling to be like God on Earth. We are to rule Earth and have dominion over it. This means that we are to control the evolution of life on Earth through the force of life, which is human labor along with maybe some treats for the creatures. God created paradise on Earth in the tropics through using the force of death. It is time for us to use our ability to construct and to model the results of our actions and predict the results of future ones to make the rest of Earth tropical. 

I'm starting with the Southeast US. Here over the next 30 or more years, we will see the influx of over 100 million people as Florida and major eastern seaboard cities are submerged. We need the infrastructure in place to harvest and store enough water to make our area tropical or semi-tropical. We can modify the ground here to grow crops year round with no energy invested. We create this and put those 100+ million people to work growing crops. We export these crops everywhere. We will probably grow enough for the entire world. We freely offer everyone the fruit of the resources we have been entrusted. We distribute that fairly so that all the world may actually experience the equal opportunity to freedom that we have.