Clinton Tyler Patterson

How To Give A Woman Oral Sex

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We take an approach of not bringing up sex to teens much. Why? It's a big part of life. Many people find themselves in sexually undersatisfying marriages, which leads to a decline in gross national happiness. Do we want sex education to include how to pleasure your partner instead of just biology and how to avoid pregnancy? Is that a nice thing for culture to do, to not have the young people spending time doing things their partners don't like as much with each other while they explore? Maybe we want this guide in schools.

This guide skips the part about kissing her lips, neck, breasts, thighs, and the other things she needs you to kiss. But you should already have explored slowly warming her up with this if you're reading. If you haven't, do you know that she doesn't prefer 15 minutes of attention of all sorts on each breast instead of just a few kisses? You need to learn.

The back of your tongue is smoother than the front, and a lot of times it will give the sensation of a lighter and  smoother licking. You use this knowledge as you explore how gentle to be. Start light. You can always give her a little more on the next lick and see if you notice any response in her face or from her sounds or from however you perceive her breath. 

Did she want her asshole licked first? Gently lick her entire pussy down the middle. Does she like it more starting from the top or bottom? I usually start at the top because she feels the sensation of my tongue touching her clit sooner and gets a little break to relish the first as I make my way down. I usually only do this a few times, but sometime you can ask if she would like more of those. 

Keep your lips on her as you do this. Find out what her clit hood feels like on your tongue. Use the back of your tongue to go from top to bottom along either side of the clit, alternating sides. Learn the definition of her clit, where its edges are, this way. Try using more pressure to help you feel how it is defined towards the base. Does she like you to just tangentially touch the outer edge or go all the way along one side from top to bottom? Start with just the edge. I've found this method to generate a nice amount of pleasure for something like the first 10 minutes. You will learn how much is right for you and your partner.

You may like to intersperse vibratory minute licks left to right to left as part of a bigger lick down the middle from the top. This makes your tongue feel like a vibrator. You can try doing this alone for periods of up to 5 minutes, and I've found it may make her orgasm before you intended. This one is also nice to do while sucking. You may like to just suck on her clit some, and it's usually nicer with a tongue stroke in the middle.

Try putting your lips where you want her to feel it with no tongue, take a breath, and hum.

She may even rather you gently lead her to climax this way instead of exposing her clit directly at all. You may start with either burrowing under the hood with your tongue and licking the top of the clit with the back of your tongue, or you may use your fingers to pull it back and expose the clit. I prefer using my fingers, and you get to see that thing which you've come to know by licking. You have to reset your pressure meter and reassess how gentle to be since it is exposed. You can use a lot of the same tongue strokes. I don't know as much about this part, as it's always been more intense than I'm trying to do for long. My favorite stroke is rapidly from left to right to left, and this is a nice ending. She also probably likes circles all around, and you can do those now. You gave her all those half circles around it on her hood, so why not give her whole circles and see how she likes it? But my preferred climaxes are the ones that come so slowly. Those are what have gotten me the most complements.