Clinton Tyler Patterson

A Facebook Comment

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I am disappointed that I have not received a reply to this comment yet. A person posted that the reason we may not ever be able to eliminate suffering in this world is because of a lag in our understanding of subjective and objective reality. I posted my personal experience along with an interpretation from my cultural heritage.

There is no objective reality. Reality is a moment to moment subjective experience. You may demonstrate this to yourself as an innate human truth through Buddhist practice. You may also demonstrate to yourself that suffering is an innate part of human experience. It is built in to our experience of the world. It is part of our purpose as a species to reduce suffering. I come from the Judeo-Christian cultural tradition. Our myth holds that God created biodiversity. This God is a God of death, as observed by the fact that the primary force determining the life on Earth is death. Less than 1% of all creatures make it to reproductive age. In our species, this is not true. This is part of what defines us as a species, that we invest more into our young than any other species, to ensure their survival to reproductive age. In our culture, the primary force determining the life on Earth is life. We use culture to shape our breeding, and we protect our young from death. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, this is evidence that we are the Sons of God. Jesus Christ showed us this path of how we are to walk upon the Earth reducing suffering through love and sharing our culture of protection from death with all creatures. We do not seek to eliminate God, which is suffering, from life. We seek to be in a co-creative dance as suffering and the reduction of suffering interact.