Clinton Tyler Patterson


1 min read

Today, I will be leaving my external hard drive connected while at work to make a backup of backups. I only have 1 copy of backup, and for most of the stuff, I don't even have the original at this time. But I still use these files, occasionally, maybe not all 310,000+ of those, but some. I decided that I am not going to buy new electronic things I would like to learn like the Intel Galileo, but I am planning to buy an external 4TB drive for a regular backup of backups so that I have 2 or 3 copies. I will also be able to keep a hard drive image of every drive I regularly use on that, so that I may restore to an older version with a single command if I run into disc failure. I encourage you to make backups of your backups, as well. Even if you don't still care about the files you have, you may 10 or 20 years later. So keep regular backups.